Merging both economies

Putting up for Rent and Renting dynamics
The NFT owner can publish a contract on a public board that fully controls its renting conditions. They will be able to set:
  • The time duration of the rent
  • The initial payment or current purchase payment
  • Both percentages of incomes for the renter and the lessor in soft currency/cash.
The Off-Chain Businesses will have a standard contract with their current values for renting.
Conceptual map of the Owner-Renter actions


With these interactions, both sides of the game will be actively interconnecting and constantly yielding income for both parties. What happens On-Chain will affect Off-Chain and vice versa.
On-Chain players will want to put their business for rent to expand and upgrade their NFTs while, on the other hand, Off-Chain players will be able to get better deals and contracts through these exchanges.
The market will rule the game and, the best deal maker will be on top of it.
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