🌐Introducing WEB 2.5

Geopoly is a WEB2.5 game combining the best of classic WEB2 and WEB3 gaming. On the one hand, it is a traditional geolocation game that allows players to explore the real world, look for business opportunities to create their real estate empire and earn rewards for completing tasks. On the other hand, it is powered by blockchain technology, which gives players ownership of their in-game assets and allows them to earn real money with GEO$ tokens.

This makes Geopoly a unique and innovative game that offers something for everyone. Players who enjoy strategy and economic simulator games will appreciate the familiar gameplay, while players interested in WEB3 gaming will be drawn to the ownership and earning potential of the game's NFTs.

At Geopoly, we strongly believe that the mass adoption of blockchain games will come from the freemium category, creating frictionless experiences that will merge mobile technology with blockchain features. This is why we decided to implement a WEB2.5 approach for our game.

One of the key benefits of WEB2.5 is that it allows users to interact with blockchain technology without having to learn about the underlying technology. This is important for non-crypto users, who are often intimidated by the complexity of blockchain. Another benefit of WEB2.5 is that it can be used to create more engaging and immersive experiences for users.

Geopoly’s incorporation of WEB3 elements with the fluid user experience of WEB2 games brings the added value of GameFi to players while providing a frictionless experience.

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