Off-Chain Economy

Brief Explanation

Actions and Currency

Currently, the Off-Chain Economy consists of four main actions: Build, Rent, Upgrade and Sell.
The game currency works the same On and Off-Chain. There are four types:
  • Cash: the most basic and used Off-Chain game currency.
  • Gold: only available through In-App-Purchases or by completing Businesses Objectives.
  • XP (experience): produced by finishing Upgrades in rented Businesses and completing Business Objectives. XP also accumulates over time, increasing the Level of the Headquarters.
  • Management Capacity (MC): generated automatically by Branches and increases by upgrading owned Branches.

The Virtuous Cycle

Renting Businesses gives you MC and soft cash; this will allow you to invest in upgrades that will provide you with XP, more cash, and MC. Consequently, this will level up your HQ and offer you MC, cash, and the possibility to build new Branches. As a result, you will receive more XP and cash so you can Rent even more Businesses. This way, the loop continues, allowing you to build your real estate empire. Additionally, you will have a chance to speed up this process by using Gold (hard cash).

When you first enter the game

Once you enter the game for the first time, Biggy will greet you and tell you everything you need to know so you can get started. Initially, you will be given a Branch for free, which will allow you to start renting new Businesses based on the amount of money and XP you have. As the game progresses, you will be able to move your Businesses to new Branches. Biggy will give you challenges to complete that will provide you with currency as rewards.

In-map random events

While you play the game, flying objects such as planes, UFOs, drones, and air balloons will appear. If you interact with them on time, you will receive extra currency.


As you make upgrades to your Businesses and keep building your empire, your XP will increase and you will have new benefits each time. This way you will get access to more Branches, Categories, and so on.
Here you can choose which Upgrade you would like to make
You will also be able to accelerate the upgrade process using gold or watching ads.

Armored Trucks

Trucks will store as much income as their current state allows them so the player can claim the income once they re-enter de game.

Adding trucks

Trucks have a maximum capacity of income storage, so the player will be able to upgrade and buy more trucks to increase the income they can claim.

Gold Upgrade

This Upgrade will expand the capacity of the truck %25 percent. Using Gold the player can make this upgrade as many times as they want.

Business Objectives

To receive extra currency, you must complete the Objectives or Challenges that the game presents. At first, they are very simple and tutorial-oriented, but as you make progress in the game and expand your businesses, they will get more complex and offer greater rewards.