On-Chain Economy

Tokens and NTFs


GEO$ are blockchainized Tokens (Like any cryptocurrency) that you can buy, trade, use and spend, on the Geopoly Web + On-Chain layer of Geopoly. You will be able to buy them with cryptocurrencies and FIAT inside the game and secondary markets.
Also, NFTs will generate GEO$ as yield farming from the presale up to the On-Chain layer release and before it, as the core game mechanic.

Types of NFTs

There are two types of NFTs within the game. Special and Iconic Locations are those preminted NFTs that any player can purchase and, as said before, generate GEO$.
The second type of NFT is Ownership Certificates. These NFTs will be minted on request by players. These NFTs will be owned wholly, perpetually by the player, and only the player will decide their use. This Certificates will also produce income passively.