Categories and Tiers

Currently, there are two types of categories within the game. The first one is Businesses, being the current 21 categories in the game. The second one is Special Locations, categorized as Monuments and Landmarks. These Special Locations will boost the economy of the businesses based on their geolocation and tier.
For now, the tier ranges from 1 to 4 in terms of value. 1 being the lowest-rated business and 4 a well-known, highly rated business. The amount of influence the Special Locations will have over the territory will be determined by this number.

Special Collections

These collections encapsulate the most famous places in the world, from the top 200 Best Restaurants of the Year to the 8 Wonders of the World. NFT owners with businesses in these collections will have the advantage of renting them or selling them as an NFT to someone else in the future due to the popularity they hold in such a competitive market.

Future changes

We are working on constantly improving Geopoly for the years to come, so in the future, there may be more tiers, new categories, or split categories, but only for the benefit of the NTF owners. The value of the NFT can be affected and raised. Otherwise, it will not devaluate its value, meaning it will not get lower no matter how many tiers or categories appear in the future.